On 26th May, the entire school was excited, thrilled and all set for the visit by the Principal & The Heads.

The class teacher along with their students had teamed up to make sure their classes were thoroughly decked up with informative and colorful chart work / craft work. It was all theme based in many classes.

The Principal Mrs. Saro Dhanarajan went around starting from Grade 1 upwards and shared her views and feedback on the notice boards articles, class cleanliness and rack arrangements as well.

The Vice Principal Mrs. Rajee Samjith & The Headmaster Mr. Joshua Premkumar gave their views and applauded the classes for their excellent creativity brought into the classroom. The Heads took time to examine the turnout of the students and briefed them on the importance on polishing their shoes and on being modest in dressing to the classes. The classrooms in the Montford as well the West Brooke Campus looked all set for potential learning.

A great atmosphere created for exciting learning!!!!