Investiture Ceremony - Juniors

Juniors Investiture Ceremony

‘The greatest leaser is not necessarily the one who does the greatest thing, but he is the one who gets the people to the greatest thing.’

Investiture of the newly elect has been a traditional feature of St. Jude’s. The investiture of Montfort campus was held on the 24th July, 2021. Dr. Saro Dhanarajan, our Principal was the installing officer and gave an inspiring message to our building leaders. Earlier, Mrs. Jasmin, our English faculty said the opening prayer.

The young pupil leaders were present with their parents with a lighted candle in a bowl filled with salt to indicate that just as salt dissolves in water to give taste and candle melts to give light, a leader has to make sacrifices to shine as a good leader. Mrs. Rajee Samjith, Vice Principal proposed the Vote of Thanks.