The values that are important to us are imparted in this school and We are blessed to belong to the SJPS community

It's almost been six months since Siddarth joined St. Jude’s and we observe positive changes in him. We were afraid if he would cope with the new environment and study well since this is his first year in a boarding school. In the beginning, he told us that he would study here only for a year and the next academic year he would come back to us. But to our surprise, after about two months, he himself told us that he loves the school and wants to complete his school education at. Jude’s.

We are privileged to have our son studying in St. Jude’s Public School.  It provides a warm, loving and caring environment to our son. “SJPS is an oasis of heart-felt education” Academic standard is simply superb and our son is very happy the way the teachers get them through the concepts…… it is remarkable.!

We are very impressed that the school concentrates in nurturing every student with great care and inculcates human values, positive attitude, self-confidence and compassion.  The Principal, Vice Principal, Head Master, teachers, admin staff and dorm matrons are very responsible and kindhearted.

We are glad that our child has been blessed to experience an exemplary school life at. St. Jude’s.

The values that are important to us are imparted in this school and We are blessed to belong to the SJPS community.

Wishing the Management the very best.

Pradheeba Sajeev
Pradheeba Sajeev( Parent of Siddarth, VI A )

My Family & I feel very proud of this Prestigious Institution

My Family & I feel very proud of this Prestigious Institution, St. Jude’s Public School & Junior College. My son K. Abhishek Samuel has been studying in this School since 2014 and he is now in 11th Standard.  My family had the dream of admitting our son in this famous Institution because of its Spiritual, educational, disciplinary & motivational approach.

 As mentioned above, our son has proved himself in every sphere and we are really very happy and proud that "God" has blessed us with very good ambience, Chairman, Principal, Head Mistress and teachers who take care of all the students as their own children.  

 We Pray God, that this reputed institution continues to flourish in the coming years and God showers His Blessings upon Shri. Dhanraj, Saro Mam, their Family and teachers to educate the students and to shape their lives.

G Krishnamoorthy & Priya Krishnamoorthy
G Krishnamoorthy & Priya Krishnamoorthy(Parent of K. Abhishek Samuel, STD XI)

Very happy with our choice of school

It was in 2011, my husband and I took the trip from Kanjirapally to Kotagiri with our youngest child, Vishwas (Chandy), our hearts full of uncertainty and questions: Will he be happy here? Is this decision the right one? Are we doing the right thing?

Today, my husband and I are very happy with our choice of school. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

 My son is now in the 12th Std. He had just returned from a trip to Ranchi for the ICSE Hockey Championships, earlier this month, when he was asked whether he would sit for his exams, and he said he would! It amazes me how he is able to jump from sports to studies in a day, expertly manage time and do well in both.

It is thanks to his teachers and Principal, who encourage all round development of the child. The child grows up confident and with a wide set of skills and a broad personality.

 What impresses me the most about the school is the sound moral values that the Principal has inculcated into my son.  She has helped mould the 10-year-old I brought to her, into an obedient, mature and responsible young man. He has a strong faith in God and loves his fellow men. Our thanks to the Dhanarajan Family and the excellent team at St Jude’s.

 God’s Blessings on all of you.

Dr Ansu Chandy
Dr Ansu Chandy(mother of Vishwas Chandy, Std XII A)

School is no doubt a 'home away from home'

As a doctor couple with frequent overseas travel commitments, we were looking for good boarding school for our boys primarily as we believed education system in India was amongst the best in the world and also to give them the flavour of Indian culture in their formative years.

We were indeed lucky that one of our good friends Dr Jags from Kotagiri spoke highly of St Judes, Mrs Saro Dhanarajan and her team and recommended the school.

We were very impressed by Mrs Saro and the team who quickly recognised our children's genius and potential and promoted them to classes ahead, despite their young age, and are now part of St Jude's family.

Additionally, we were amazed that at our request for considering cricket at school was taken so seriously by the Principal mam, the school has now started a successful cricket program with nets on the school campus and our younger son dear Anitya has developed a great passion for cricket!

The school has decent chess program and with the help of the coaching provided by chess coach sir, our son dear Khajit appears ready to take his passion for chess to the next level and aim to continue and represent his school, state and even his country one day!

School has fully supported talent and attributes and provided the necessary coaching, sometimes going out of the way by organising special classes which is really appreciated. 

Now, both our children are part of St. Jude's and are doing very well. They are growing up to be lovely youngsters with sound academics, good moral values, leadership skills and passion for sports. Most importantly, they are maturing in a safe environment where balance of education, nutrition, sports and fun is excellent.

School is no doubt a 'home away from home' for our boys and we wish the school the very best in all its endeavours and recommend prospective parents considering the school for their children.

Dr A and Dr (Mrs) SR Gupta
Dr A and Dr (Mrs) SR Gupta( Parents of Anitya and Khajit )

St. Jude’s is truly a home away from home for the children

My grandson Siddharthan is a very proud Judian and we feel quite privileged to have him at St. Jude’s. After joining Jude’s, he has become a more independent, responsible and well-grounded boy. 

St. Jude’s is truly a home away from home for the children. The management & staff take care of even the most trivial issues of the child. The children are given the freedom to approach the staff members with all their concerns. All their needs are attended to. Each child is given personal attention and handled, taking into consideration his/her individual differences.

The standard of teaching is second to none. The food and hostel amenities are certainly above standard. The excellent facilities provided for academics and all extracurricular activities need a special mention. The recently constructed world class volley ball court is a source of immense pride and happiness for my grandson.

Being a grandparent, it gives me a lot of joy to see that my grandson is so happy at school. My daughter and son-in-law say that they feel at peace because Siddharthan is comfortable at St. Jude’s. Though they are abroad they are very happy that their son is so well cared for.

I have spent my childhood and a large part of my career in The Nilgiris and am familiar with the educational culture prevalent here. I am very happy that we chose St. Jude’s. Mrs. Saro Dhanarajan’s personal attention to the students is the most comforting thing for the families of the students.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Principal, Head Mistress and each and every staff member for the excellent work being done. As a family, we wish to thank all of you and wish you all the very best for the future.

Sugumar. P
Sugumar. P, Retd. Superintendent of Police (Grand Father of Siddharthan, class -11)

St. Jude’s is truly a home away from home for the children

It was with great confusion and much pressure that we took the decision of sending our son Abhishek Ahamed.M.G to your school as a hostellite. We were apprehensive as our son had his own negatives of not being a very confident child, finding it difficult to communicate in English & doing the daily chores himself. The first year was very hard for us as well as for Abhishek, as we were not able to cope with the changes. At a critical moment, when we had almost decided to take him off the school, we asked Rajee madam, the Vice Principal to have a word with Abhishek which actually turned the whole situation once and for all for the better.

An always crying and sad Abhishek changed dramatically into a very jubilant and confident child after that day, thanks to the heart to heart conversation Rajee madam had with him. He went on to become the School Captain and we were able to see all his negatives change into positive. He is now a very confident, very fluent and bright young man. Thanks to the efforts of all the teachers, the warmth of Rajee madam, encouragement of Shobana madam, the Head Mistress & the unflinching motivation of Saro madam, the Principal. I would say this one decision of ours which we would never regret as what it has given us back is an opening for a bright future for our son. May your good work continue.

Mansur Ahamed
Mansur Ahamed(Father of Abhishek Ahamed of class X)

A temple of learning and a training ground for future citizens

St. Jude’s! A home away from home, a temple of learning and a training ground for future citizens. Be it the meandering route around lofty hills in Kotagiri or the greenery all round, nothing has changed since my school days at St. Jude’s in 1984. The picturesque scenery gladdens my heart and mind at the very thought of St. Jude’s.

The school and the school motto are more than enough to describe self-reliance, in the best possible way. It conveys that when you are self-reliant, you do not need your parents to do everything for you because you know how to take care of yourself. When you are self-reliant, you can depend on your own skills to support yourself and to help others in your family and community. And this very reason is why I enrolled my son Saketh Rajaram into the same school that I studied.

The quality of education, food, sports, environment of school or the principles that St. Jude’s gives the students, is definitely State of the art! Therefore, in my opinion the best gift that a parent can give his child is St. Jude’s Public School.

K Chandra Shekhar
K Chandra Shekhar(Father of Saketh Rajaram, Class 9, Alumni St.Jude’s (1984))

It's a good and perfect school for my children

Our children, vikranth and krithaniya’s academic as well as social progress have increased by leaps and bounds. They are appreciated by teachers, peers and relatives. Our family's experience with the school has been very good. I see my kids happy and eager to get back to school after each break. They are greatly motivated by their teachers and there is a level of positivity and optimism in them. I like the fact that the teachers and staff are very caring. I am very grateful to the school because it doesn't focus on only academics but also on sports. From the time my kids have joined the school, they have become more disciplined and interact well with everyone.

We see the transformation in our children. We wanted them to enjoy their school life and make a lot of quality friends which they have done. It's a good and perfect school for my children.

Mr. Murali
Mr. Murali(father of Vikranth, class VIII & Krithaniya of class VI)

We have noticed a lot of improvement in their academics and the extra-curricular activities

W e are really happy for having admitted our children K.Krishnapiraveen of class XII-B and K.Krishnapiritha of class VIII-A in St. Jude’s because they have learnt to be responsible. We have noticed a lot of changes in them and we mean it in a very good way. We have noticed a lot of improvement in their academics and the extra-curricular activities. We would like to thank the Management for helping our children and bringing out the best in them. I hope that you'll continue the same in the following years, ie,preparing them to face the world with great success in the future.

 Once again thanks a lot.

R.Krishnamurthi.(Parent of Krishnapiraveen, class XII & Krishnapiritha of class VIII)

I have recommended this school to many of my friends and will be happy to do so in the future as well

My association with St. Jude’s started 2 decades ago when kids from my family as well as my extended family joined this school. My direct association started 7 years ago when my elder Son Anzal Hassan joined St.Jude’s. I’m really happy and satisfied with the way the teachers groom the kids, be it tuition, sports or Arts, they identify the talent in each kid and help him/her to develop the same. 

The facilities are at par with any top class residential school and the best part is that the Management keeps upgrading in line with the changing times. The fees is reasonable too. My 2nd Son Omar is also in St.Jude’s and will be finishing his ICSC this year. He will be pursuing his ISC also at St. Jude’s only. I have recommended this school to many of my friends and will be happy to do so in the future as well."

Anwar Hassan
Anwar Hassan (Father of Omar Hassan, Class 10)

St. Jude’s besides giving academic results, creates good human beings...

My three children, Priyanka, Payal & Aishwarya, after their schooling at St. Jude’s, studied Engineering and are presently serving in good companies and Diptanshu, my son, is presently to appear for his ISC, class 12 exams in February, 2018. Schooling at St. Jude’s has inculcated into all my children not just discipline, routine and etiquette but also is responsible for their all-round development.  The school has instilled individual strength in character, personality and confidence in each of them, to face life. St. Jude’s besides giving academic results, creates good human beings, who have become assets to the society. St. Jude’s is located at Kotagiri which enjoys the second best climate in the world, but for us, St. Jude’s is the best thing that has come our way in our life.

Mr.Nilasaila Nayak
Mr.Nilasaila Nayak (Father of Diptanshu, Class 12)

St Jude’s is an inspiring institution...

St. Jude’s has been a home away from home for my son Adhrith Nair studying in fourth grade. The reputed school was started in 1979 by Proficient people, the Chairman Sir. Dhanrajan and Principal Mrs. Saro Dhanrajan both being very committed to the cause of children’s education. They have been working hard to hold this institution high with grace and dignity and making this, the most reputed institution in Kotagiri, Tamilnadu.Mr. Samjith and Mrs. Rajee Samjith are equally committed and competent and have contributed their share in making this reputed institution a healthy and happy place for the students.

 The school has helped Adhrith adapt well in such a short span of time. We are proud to be associated with St. Jude’s and Adhrith aims to strive hard both in studies and sports with equal interest. He has also found it easy to mix with different children in the residential school and has been trying to transform himself into a self-reliant student and an athlete. This wouldn’t have been possible without the full support and encouragement of the staff.

 We had the privilege of witnessing the MRC athletic meet at Coonoor hosted by St Jude’s this year, where we saw 25 + schools participating in it. It was definitely a rare sight and watching them win accolades was mind blowing. The efforts and achievements of students from St. Jude’s just gave us the spectacular vision of how equally important sports is along with their academics

 I also have to mention that this school provides a great platform for learning and making every student independent by building a strong base for a great future. It has also transformed shy students into outspoken commendable speakers as I have experienced this transformation in my niece, Ananya Ramesh of class IX.

 I must mention the dedication of the staff and their efforts in making children feel St Jude’s a home away from home.

We have no doubt that St Jude’s is an inspiring institution and have full confidence that our children are in the right hands where they will be moulded into good citizens for the future.

Wishing all Judians the very best in life now and always!

Suja Nellisseri ( Parent of Adrith Nair, Class IV )

Our daughter studies at St. Jude’s which encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills in these areas that are critical in further education and the work environment.  Beyond the core education that she received, so important to her experience is the environment where this is achieved. Classes are small and the education is personal. The teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual student needs. St. Jude’s provides a high quality, faith-based education in a family-type environment, successfully preparing students for their future education, growth and development.

I witness a school filled with teachers that give 100% of themselves. They give countless additional hours after school to lend a hand to a student in need, a parent, or to just make an extracurricular activity extra special. They do it so willingly! Mrs. Saro Dhanrajan, the Principal is never too busy to sit down and discuss anything that is on our mind, whether a concern we have with our child, suggestion or idea you may have, or just a simple question we need an answer to. She genuinely listens, and cares. Her presence is felt throughout the school.

Dr. Reeja Moideen (Mother of Esha Junais  IX C)

I am more than happy

It has been nostalgia all the way. I remember the day way back in 1979 when my parents were looking out for a residential school for my brother and me. They apporached Mr. Dhanarajan, their good friend seeking his advice on this issue. Sir at that point of time was planning to start a school of his own. So the hunt for the school came to a halt and our parents entrusted us with the Dhanarajans. They were happy that were able to get the right place for us and went home contented. I am proud to say that my brother was the first student of the school and all of us from the family have been a part of St. Jude's at sometime of our lives.

I have been a part of the school from its very inception and have watched with awe and pride the growth of the school in leaps and bounds. I still recall the days when Sir and Mam would lovingly look for us on special occasions. When I hear the school song, I remember the initial days when the lyrics were composed and the song was set to music. The maroon uniform jacket and the design on the monogram are all a part of my treasured memories.

Now, both my children are a part of St. Jude's and both of them are doing very well. They are growing up to be lovely youngsters with sound academics and gratifying moral values. The school has been able to maintain high a standard because of the excellent faculty and the personal supervision of the Principal who has dedicated her entire life for the school.

I wish the school the very best in all its endeavours and once again I must say that I am more than happy to be a part of this school even today.

Dr. Maya Venugopla
Dr. Maya Venugopla (parent of Parvathy & Pranav)

Nation Builders

We are privileged to have our son, Krinith as a part of St. Jude's. Over a period of one year sine Krinith joined here, he has become very independent and responsible. We have been witnessing a marked improvement in his intellectual, academic and emotional growth which is the basic step towards making him a good human being which our society is in dire need of.

We would like to end with recounting of what Aristotle once said about teachers.

“Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than they who produce them: for these only gave them life, those art of living well.”

We thank you all once again and wish you all the very best, always.

Parents of Krinith, Std: VI C

My words of appreciation

In January 1999 when I made my first trip to India to look for a school for my son, I was introduced to Kotagiri and Ooty regions. After visiting over 10 schools, I decided upon St. Jude's public and Junior College. I admitted my son into the school and thus became the parent of this venerated institution.

It was a tough year for all of us who had admitted our children as the first Thai batch to school which had no experience in handling students from Thailand. Children were away from home in the boarding school, which was totally different in environment, culture, (city life to hill country side), discipline (very free to strict), language (with very little or no knowledge in English) and food (big concern for us). Parents back at home were concerned as to how our children would survive in the new environment. We started to share our worries and concern after we spoke to our children during the weekends. I decided to travel to school as often as I could during those 2 years of my son's education, to acquaint myself with the syllabus and the issues rising out of the conflicts in culture.

I was impressed by the school schedule and all the steps taken by the Management to help the new Thai students cope up with the rest of the students. Every minute detail was looked into to ensure that our students manage their new surrounding well. The strong ‘not giving up' attitude of Saro Mam, the Principal had helped all the students to settle down quite comfortably. I always returned home and shared my impression among parents and confirmed to them that we had made the right decision. I trusted that I had placed my own son in good hands.

As a former parent who has a sound experience and relationship with the Management, from 2001 till now, I act as representative of St. Jude's, recruiting students and consulting the parents about the quality of the School. Over these years we have about 110 students who have passed out and they still talk about the school with fond memories and wish to visit the school again. I am impressed with Saro Mam personally. We together, go through and solve many issues and unpleasant situations of our students. With her motherly mentality, she understands and accepts the difference in each of our students in the right positive way, which is very important for parents of students in a boarding school. I have seen many schools and have been working with more than 30 schools all over India, St. Jude's School will be the first school I recommend to any parents.

Mike Phelan
Ms HansaKnowledgeable, Bangkok, Thailand

Reminiscence- St. Jude's and the unforgotten experiences

As a father I have closely observed the changes that were brought about in my children. My daughter Roshna Sara George was a shy little girl when she joined St. Jude's and my son George K. George; I have rarely seen him talk in public. But now after watching the changes that the School has brought about in them, I would say I am a proud father. The quality of academics is unbeatable and the choice of teachers is by careful selection so that every student is benefited by them. Every year they achieve better results than the previous year and they try and reach greater heights whether in the academics, sports or any other co-curricular activity. When it comes to food, few items that were served at school are still relished by my children. I have never heard them complain about food during their school days. All the minute issues were taken care of by the teachers and the principal. The concern that teachers have for their future was commendable.

The principal, Mrs. Saro Dhanarajan gives personal attention to any child when in need. She is very motherly and friendly but she chides the students when required just to make them perfect the way she wants them to be. I have closely interacted with her as a student of hers when I was at school and I know I made a wise choice by sending my children to study there under her guidance. By doing this, I was able to pass on all the values and good things I learned from her to them as well. I'm extremely privileged to recollect those memories.

It would not be complete if I don't mention the Chairman, Mr. Dhanarajan who is the backbone of the school. The dining hall recently constructed needs a special mention. It was the hard work of the Chairman and his son, Samjith. It is one of the best dining hall and kitchen any school can dream of.

I'm a proud father who by God's grace could send his children to a school of this caliber.

Regi George
Regi George Parent of Roshna George & George K George (2013 batch)


As the proud parents of B. Adityan of class IV A, we are glad that we chose St. Jude's Public & Junior College or our son. We wanted our son to join a mature school with a glowing colour of discipline, academics, sports and c ultural activities. We wanted him to enjoy his school life and make a lot of quality friends. We wanted Adityan not merely to gain sound academic knowledge but also learn life skills so that one day he would bloom into a responsible adult with high moral values. We are pleased we chose St. Jude's, as the school has delivered beyond our expectations.

St. Jude's nurtures the natural love for learning, fosters mental and physical achievements in children by encouraging their participation in the world around them. Children study without any pressure and their learning is not peripheral but stays with them for life. St. Jude's has been consistently winning laurels in academics, athletics, sports, IT and other cultural competitions. They maintain a good balance between work and play. The school has also been imparting to him core values like; choosing healthy food, environmental awareness, water conservation, reading habit, compassion for the needy, respect for elders, compassion towards animals, etc. The school has influenced him to such an extent that he has taken up bird watching and photography. He is now one of the youngest members of The Photography Club of Coimbatore – a conservation and photography group.

Being a residential school, parents are primarily concerned with the food and hygiene. At St. Jude's food and hygiene are of very good standard and in fact, Adityan often says that school food is better than the food served at home.

Decades of experience moulding children reflects in every aspect of the school Management. The Chairman Mr. P.P. Dhanarajan and the Principal Mrs. Saro Dhanarajan have dedicated their lives for the cause of the children placed under their care. The values they pass on have been imbibed by each and every member at St. Jude's.

We feel we are lucky that our son could be a part of St. Jude's. As a parent, I can see the transformation in my son. Adityan has become more confident, responsible and social. He feels motivated, inspired and most important of all my son feels at home at St. Jude's. What more would I as a parent aspire for?

Dr. Maya Venugopla
Parent ofB. Adityan of class IV A

A Home away form Home

St. Jude's Public School & Junior College located in a small village in Kotagiri, The Nilgiris, is one of the most prestigious residential public schools in India. The school strives hard to mould its students to be competent citizens of tomorrow capable of facing any challenge in life. Blessed with a beautiful campus and dedicated staff, the school provides personal attention to its students who feel very much at home. The chairman of the school is a grandpa to all the children away from home. With the arrangement and excellent coaching they get, the students of the school excel both in academics and extra-curricular activities. As a parent, I really feel privileged that my children are Judians.

Dr. Maya Venugopla
K. Cheriyakoya Parent of Adil Chery (Class IX)Chief Judicial Magistrate,U.T. of Lakshadweep

The Best Residential School in the Nilgiris

St. Jude's Public School & Junior College, established by the founder Chairman Mr. P. P. Dhanarajan has grown from strength to strength and has become the best residential school in the Nilgiris. The school imparts quality education and prepares children to face the challenges of life. Living up to its motto ‘Self Reliance', encourages the students not to be dependent on anybody but themselves. The school has a well equipped library and a computer lab to help students update their knowledge of the ever changing world.

The school pays special attention to discipline the children. The children of this institution possess excellent communication skills and teachers pay personal attention at grooming them to be better citizens. Regular competitions in various fields help in bringing out the latent talents in children. The school is situated in a place full of scenic beauty free from pollution. The well equipped classrooms, clinic, dormitories, and gymnasium provide the children a comfortable stay. The school serves good quality, hygienic and healthy food to keep students healthy.

We are indeed happy that our daughter, Snehal Yadav is in safe hands and we hope that under the able guidance of the teachers will score high percentage in the public exams and will be successful in her future endeavours.

Dr. Maya Venugopla
M.A.Yadav, - Parent of Snehal Yadav (2013 batch) Asst. Commissioner of Transport (Rtd),Mumbai.