I am more than happy

It has been nostalgia all the way. I remember the day way back in 1979 when my parents were looking out for a residential school for my brother and me. They apporached Mr. Dhanarajan, their good friend seeking his advice on this issue. Sir at that point of time was planning to start a school of his own. So the hunt for the school came to a halt and our parents entrusted us with the Dhanarajans. They were happy that were able to get the right place for us and went home contented. I am proud to say that my brother was the first student of the school and all of us from the family have been a part of St. Jude's at sometime of our lives.

I have been a part of the school from its very inception and have watched with awe and pride the growth of the school in leaps and bounds. I still recall the days when Sir and Mam would lovingly look for us on special occasions. When I hear the school song, I remember the initial days when the lyrics were composed and the song was set to music. The maroon uniform jacket and the design on the monogram are all a part of my treasured memories.

Now, both my children are a part of St. Jude's and both of them are doing very well. They are growing up to be lovely youngsters with sound academics and gratifying moral values. The school has been able to maintain high a standard because of the excellent faculty and the personal supervision of the Principal who has dedicated her entire life for the school.

I wish the school the very best in all its endeavours and once again I must say that I am more than happy to be a part of this school even today.

Dr. Maya Venugopla
Dr. Maya Venugopla (parent of Parvathy & Pranav)

Nation Builders

We are privileged to have our son, Krinith as a part of St. Jude's. Over a period of one year sine Krinith joined here, he has become very independent and responsible. We have been witnessing a marked improvement in his intellectual, academic and emotional growth which is the basic step towards making him a good human being which our society is in dire need of.

We would like to end with recounting of what Aristotle once said about teachers.

“Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than they who produce them: for these only gave them life, those art of living well.”

We thank you all once again and wish you all the very best, always.

Parents of Krinith, Std: VI C

My words of appreciation

In January 1999 when I made my first trip to India to look for a school for my son, I was introduced to Kotagiri and Ooty regions. After visiting over 10 schools, I decided upon St. Jude's public and Junior College. I admitted my son into the school and thus became the parent of this venerated institution.

It was a tough year for all of us who had admitted our children as the first Thai batch to school which had no experience in handling students from Thailand. Children were away from home in the boarding school, which was totally different in environment, culture, (city life to hill country side), discipline (very free to strict), language (with very little or no knowledge in English) and food (big concern for us). Parents back at home were concerned as to how our children would survive in the new environment. We started to share our worries and concern after we spoke to our children during the weekends. I decided to travel to school as often as I could during those 2 years of my son's education, to acquaint myself with the syllabus and the issues rising out of the conflicts in culture.

I was impressed by the school schedule and all the steps taken by the Management to help the new Thai students cope up with the rest of the students. Every minute detail was looked into to ensure that our students manage their new surrounding well. The strong ‘not giving up' attitude of Saro Mam, the Principal had helped all the students to settle down quite comfortably. I always returned home and shared my impression among parents and confirmed to them that we had made the right decision. I trusted that I had placed my own son in good hands.

As a former parent who has a sound experience and relationship with the Management, from 2001 till now, I act as representative of St. Jude's, recruiting students and consulting the parents about the quality of the School. Over these years we have about 110 students who have passed out and they still talk about the school with fond memories and wish to visit the school again. I am impressed with Saro Mam personally. We together, go through and solve many issues and unpleasant situations of our students. With her motherly mentality, she understands and accepts the difference in each of our students in the right positive way, which is very important for parents of students in a boarding school. I have seen many schools and have been working with more than 30 schools all over India, St. Jude's School will be the first school I recommend to any parents.

Mike Phelan
Ms HansaKnowledgeable, Bangkok, Thailand

Reminiscence- St. Jude's and the unforgotten experiences

As a father I have closely observed the changes that were brought about in my children. My daughter Roshna Sara George was a shy little girl when she joined St. Jude's and my son George K. George; I have rarely seen him talk in public. But now after watching the changes that the School has brought about in them, I would say I am a proud father. The quality of academics is unbeatable and the choice of teachers is by careful selection so that every student is benefited by them. Every year they achieve better results than the previous year and they try and reach greater heights whether in the academics, sports or any other co-curricular activity. When it comes to food, few items that were served at school are still relished by my children. I have never heard them complain about food during their school days. All the minute issues were taken care of by the teachers and the principal. The concern that teachers have for their future was commendable.

The principal, Mrs. Saro Dhanarajan gives personal attention to any child when in need. She is very motherly and friendly but she chides the students when required just to make them perfect the way she wants them to be. I have closely interacted with her as a student of hers when I was at school and I know I made a wise choice by sending my children to study there under her guidance. By doing this, I was able to pass on all the values and good things I learned from her to them as well. I'm extremely privileged to recollect those memories.

It would not be complete if I don't mention the Chairman, Mr. Dhanarajan who is the backbone of the school. The dining hall recently constructed needs a special mention. It was the hard work of the Chairman and his son, Samjith. It is one of the best dining hall and kitchen any school can dream of.

I'm a proud father who by God's grace could send his children to a school of this caliber.

Regi George
Regi George Parent of Roshna George & George K George (2013 batch)


As the proud parents of B. Adityan of class IV A, we are glad that we chose St. Jude's Public & Junior College or our son. We wanted our son to join a mature school with a glowing colour of discipline, academics, sports and c ultural activities. We wanted him to enjoy his school life and make a lot of quality friends. We wanted Adityan not merely to gain sound academic knowledge but also learn life skills so that one day he would bloom into a responsible adult with high moral values. We are pleased we chose St. Jude's, as the school has delivered beyond our expectations.

St. Jude's nurtures the natural love for learning, fosters mental and physical achievements in children by encouraging their participation in the world around them. Children study without any pressure and their learning is not peripheral but stays with them for life. St. Jude's has been consistently winning laurels in academics, athletics, sports, IT and other cultural competitions. They maintain a good balance between work and play. The school has also been imparting to him core values like; choosing healthy food, environmental awareness, water conservation, reading habit, compassion for the needy, respect for elders, compassion towards animals, etc. The school has influenced him to such an extent that he has taken up bird watching and photography. He is now one of the youngest members of The Photography Club of Coimbatore – a conservation and photography group.

Being a residential school, parents are primarily concerned with the food and hygiene. At St. Jude's food and hygiene are of very good standard and in fact, Adityan often says that school food is better than the food served at home.

Decades of experience moulding children reflects in every aspect of the school Management. The Chairman Mr. P.P. Dhanarajan and the Principal Mrs. Saro Dhanarajan have dedicated their lives for the cause of the children placed under their care. The values they pass on have been imbibed by each and every member at St. Jude's.

We feel we are lucky that our son could be a part of St. Jude's. As a parent, I can see the transformation in my son. Adityan has become more confident, responsible and social. He feels motivated, inspired and most important of all my son feels at home at St. Jude's. What more would I as a parent aspire for?

Dr. Maya Venugopla
Parent ofB. Adityan of class IV A

A Home away form Home

St. Jude's Public School & Junior College located in a small village in Kotagiri, The Nilgiris, is one of the most prestigious residential public schools in India. The school strives hard to mould its students to be competent citizens of tomorrow capable of facing any challenge in life. Blessed with a beautiful campus and dedicated staff, the school provides personal attention to its students who feel very much at home. The chairman of the school is a grandpa to all the children away from home. With the arrangement and excellent coaching they get, the students of the school excel both in academics and extra-curricular activities. As a parent, I really feel privileged that my children are Judians.

Dr. Maya Venugopla
K. Cheriyakoya Parent of Adil Chery (Class IX)Chief Judicial Magistrate,U.T. of Lakshadweep

The Best Residential School in the Nilgiris

St. Jude's Public School & Junior College, established by the founder Chairman Mr. P. P. Dhanarajan has grown from strength to strength and has become the best residential school in the Nilgiris. The school imparts quality education and prepares children to face the challenges of life. Living up to its motto ‘Self Reliance', encourages the students not to be dependent on anybody but themselves. The school has a well equipped library and a computer lab to help students update their knowledge of the ever changing world.

The school pays special attention to discipline the children. The children of this institution possess excellent communication skills and teachers pay personal attention at grooming them to be better citizens. Regular competitions in various fields help in bringing out the latent talents in children. The school is situated in a place full of scenic beauty free from pollution. The well equipped classrooms, clinic, dormitories, and gymnasium provide the children a comfortable stay. The school serves good quality, hygienic and healthy food to keep students healthy.

We are indeed happy that our daughter, Snehal Yadav is in safe hands and we hope that under the able guidance of the teachers will score high percentage in the public exams and will be successful in her future endeavours.

Dr. Maya Venugopla
M.A.Yadav, - Parent of Snehal Yadav (2013 batch) Asst. Commissioner of Transport (Rtd),Mumbai.