Our set up is strictly residential and excellent hostel facilities have been provided separately for boys and girls. As the 'birds from far and near' flock here, the hostel menu is so designed as to cater to the taste of all. Separate dining halls are provided for vegetarians & non-vegetarians. Occasionally Continental and Chinese cuisine are included in the menu.

The cabinet of the institution gives guidelines for choosing the menu on a monthly basis, in consultation with the mess officers.

Buffet dinner with bonfire is arranged once a month and on special occasions.

Major religious and national festivals are celebrated in its traditional grandeur.

Health & Hygiene

Personal health and cleanliness of the premises are our key words and are under the strict vigilance of our health department with its qualified physician and nurse.

Camps/ Picnics/ Excursions

Camps are a must for every student, wherein the principle of 'Self Reliance' is given a vent to the spirit of community living. Excursions and picnics are arranged to give an insight into the ins and outs of our country and the world.


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