2013 BATCH

The best gift I have received from my parents is my life at St. Jude's.

I am V. Mridulla Abirami and had been a student at St. Jude's Public School and Junior College from 2001-2013. Right now, I am doing my MBBS at Annapoorna Medical College and Hospitals (Dr. Mgr University) Salem. Though I am an Ex-Judian, I still feel that I am a member of the Judian family. St. Jude's has played a very important role in my life. I stepped into the school as a tiny toddler, as clay and my teachers have moulded me into a very talented girl. The encouragement of the teachers has converted my dreams into ambition. The small responsibilities and duties assigned to me while at school, help me face great challenges today. The public speaking skills that I had obtained has made me bold and confident to face the outside world.The school has taught me the essentials of life-spiritual courage, self-reliance and humility. I treasure every stage of my life at St. Jude's. My parents look upon me with pride and heart full of satisfaction for having chosen the right institution. I thank the management, Mr. and Mrs. Dhanarajan and my teachers for helping, guiding and supporting me through all stages of life and also for looking after me as their own child. Without them I would not have been what I am today. One will never know the value of St. Jude's unless one becomes an Ex-Judian. The best gift I have received from my parents is my life at St. Jude's.

School Song

Birds are we from far and near,
Flocking here in praise of Thee,
Aims are high with guidance Thine,
with Self-Reliance on we march.

Diamonds are we cut and polished
In St.Jude’s we toil hard,
To light the Nation with Thy torch,
With Self-Reliance on we march.

Judians are we not frail, tire not,
St.Jude’s beacon lead us on,
Caste and creed can stop us not,
With Self-Reliance on we march.

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