Dr A and Dr (Mrs) SR Gupta

Dr A and Dr (Mrs) SR Gupta

Parents of Anitya and Khajit

School is no doubt a 'home away from home'

As a doctor couple with frequent overseas travel commitments, we were looking for good boarding school for our boys primarily as we believed education system in India was amongst the best in the world and also to give them the flavour of Indian culture in their formative years. We were indeed lucky that one of our good friends Dr Jags from Kotagiri spoke highly of St Judes, Mrs Saro Dhanarajan and her team and recommended the school. We were very impressed by Mrs Saro and the team who quickly recognised our children's genius and potential and promoted them to classes ahead, despite their young age, and are now part of St Jude's family. Additionally, we were amazed that at our request for considering cricket at school was taken so seriously by the Principal mam, the school has now started a successful cricket program with nets on the school campus and our younger son dear Anitya has developed a great passion for cricket! The school has decent chess program and with the help of the coaching provided by chess coach sir, our son dear Khajit appears ready to take his passion for chess to the next level and aim to continue and represent his school, state and even his country one day! School has fully supported talent and attributes and provided the necessary coaching, sometimes going out of the way by organising special classes which is really appreciated. Now, both our children are part of St. Jude's and are doing very well. They are growing up to be lovely youngsters with sound academics, good moral values, leadership skills and passion for sports. Most importantly, they are maturing in a safe environment where balance of education, nutrition, sports and fun is excellent. School is no doubt a 'home away from home' for our boys and we wish the school the very best in all its endeavours and recommend prospective parents considering the school for their children.

School Song

Birds are we from far and near,
Flocking here in praise of Thee,
Aims are high with guidance Thine,
with Self-Reliance on we march.

Diamonds are we cut and polished
In St.Jude’s we toil hard,
To light the Nation with Thy torch,
With Self-Reliance on we march.

Judians are we not frail, tire not,
St.Jude’s beacon lead us on,
Caste and creed can stop us not,
With Self-Reliance on we march.

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