J. Jayanth

J. Jayanth

(2012-2013) Batch

My Experience at St. Jude's

I feel very proud to call myself a Judian and belong to the Judian family. I entered St. Jude's Public School & Junior College in the year 2011, the year of our historic win at MRC. I am very proud that I was a part of that athletic contingent in my very first year. The coaching that I received at St. Jude's is exemplary and laid a good foundation for me. My coach was really exceptional and I would like to define a good coach as thus; ‘A coach isn't your friend but a person who is there to push you beyond what you thought was possible or what you couldn't do on your own. The school has a good teaching faculty and all my teachers have been good coaches to me. The school has played an imperative role in bringing out the best from me and all my other fellow students. The laurels that the school have won in the recent past is a testimony to my statement.

"People often say motivation doesn't last long. Well neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it every day." This quote reminds me of my Principal who motivates her students at every given opportunity. I am now pursuing my under graduation in Manchester and miss all the motivational sessions that I received at school. Now, I understand that it is very difficult to find people who care and adopt measures to improve the personality of the students placed under them.

The ISC curriculum that the school teaches, is very challenging and it provokes the students to think independently. All the teachers are well qualified and have prepared me well to enter the business world. The school is located on the top of a hill and the view is awesome. Every morning, I used to rush to the ground to relish the spectacular view and to feel the mountain breeze.Our Principal always tells us that St. Jude's is like a buffet meal; you have everything and all that you have to help yourself with what you want. Having been there for two years, I know that the statement is very true. Every student is gifted with certain talent and the school taps out those potentials through various competitions that are conducted regularly.

I felt homesick when I first joined the school but my friends and teachers made me feel at home. I hold the memories I spent with my friends very dear and will always cherish them. Apart from imparting good education, my school has inculcated a lot values into me. It has helped me realize the value of community living. All the Judians will unanimously agree that their lives have changed for the better after joining this wonderful school. I have felt the change in me and the others must have felt it too. I have spent two years at St. Jude's and they have been the best part of my life so far.

School Song

Birds are we from far and near,
Flocking here in praise of Thee,
Aims are high with guidance Thine,
with Self-Reliance on we march.

Diamonds are we cut and polished
In St.Jude’s we toil hard,
To light the Nation with Thy torch,
With Self-Reliance on we march.

Judians are we not frail, tire not,
St.Jude’s beacon lead us on,
Caste and creed can stop us not,
With Self-Reliance on we march.

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