Sugumar. P

Sugumar. P

Retd. Superintendent of Police(Grand Father of Siddharthan, class -11)

St. Jude’s is truly a home away from home for the children

My grandson Siddharthan is a very proud Judian and we feel quite privileged to have him at St. Jude’s. After joining Jude’s, he has become a more independent, responsible and well-grounded boy. 

St. Jude’s is truly a home away from home for the children. The management & staff take care of even the most trivial issues of the child. The children are given the freedom to approach the staff members with all their concerns. All their needs are attended to. Each child is given personal attention and handled, taking into consideration his/her individual differences.

The standard of teaching is second to none. The food and hostel amenities are certainly above standard. The excellent facilities provided for academics and all extracurricular activities need a special mention. The recently constructed world class volley ball court is a source of immense pride and happiness for my grandson.

Being a grandparent, it gives me a lot of joy to see that my grandson is so happy at school. My daughter and son-in-law say that they feel at peace because Siddharthan is comfortable at St. Jude’s. Though they are abroad they are very happy that their son is so well cared for.

I have spent my childhood and a large part of my career in The Nilgiris and am familiar with the educational culture prevalent here. I am very happy that we chose St. Jude’s. Mrs. Saro Dhanarajan’s personal attention to the students is the most comforting thing for the families of the students.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Principal, Head Mistress and each and every staff member for the excellent work being done. As a family, we wish to thank all of you and wish you all the very best for the future.

School Song

Birds are we from far and near,
Flocking here in praise of Thee,
Aims are high with guidance Thine,
with Self-Reliance on we march.

Diamonds are we cut and polished
In St.Jude’s we toil hard,
To light the Nation with Thy torch,
With Self-Reliance on we march.

Judians are we not frail, tire not,
St.Jude’s beacon lead us on,
Caste and creed can stop us not,
With Self-Reliance on we march.

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