Pradheeba Sajeev

Pradheeba Sajeev

Parent of Siddarth(VI A)

The values that are important to us are imparted in this school and We are blessed to belong to the SJPS community

It's almost been six months since Siddarth joined St. Jude’s and we observe positive changes in him. We were afraid if he would cope with the new environment and study well since this is his first year in a boarding school. In the beginning, he told us that he would study here only for a year and the next academic year he would come back to us. But to our surprise, after about two months, he himself told us that he loves the school and wants to complete his school education at. Jude’s.

We are privileged to have our son studying in St. Jude’s Public School. It provides a warm, loving and caring environment to our son. “SJPS is an oasis of heart-felt education” Academic standard is simply superb and our son is very happy the way the teachers get them through the concepts…… it is remarkable.!

We are very impressed that the school concentrates in nurturing every student with great care and inculcates human values, positive attitude, self-confidence and compassion. The Principal, Vice Principal, Head Master, teachers, admin staff and dorm matrons are very responsible and kindhearted.

We are glad that our child has been blessed to experience an exemplary school life at. St. Jude’s.

The values that are important to us are imparted in this school and We are blessed to belong to the SJPS community.

Wishing the Management the very best.

School Song

Birds are we from far and near,
Flocking here in praise of Thee,
Aims are high with guidance Thine,
with Self-Reliance on we march.

Diamonds are we cut and polished
In St.Jude’s we toil hard,
To light the Nation with Thy torch,
With Self-Reliance on we march.

Judians are we not frail, tire not,
St.Jude’s beacon lead us on,
Caste and creed can stop us not,
With Self-Reliance on we march.

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